My true and tried home remedies

My great grand mother fondly known as Nana, a dear old lady, always used to say that a woman should know how to run a household like the
back of her hand. She used to tell all the females in the family that skills like home making cannot be learnt from guide books, rather
they are passed on from generation to generation like a sacred heirloom.

One of my favorite remedies, courtesy of Nana of course, was to sprinkle baby powder over any oily stains. This works like magic on silky materials, which one is afraid of washing anyway. Just sprinkle some powder, leave it over night, and it will absorb all the oil, the stain will become very light and can be removed easily.

Another tried remedy of hers was to soak tired feet in a basin of hot water with a pinch of salt and half a cup of rose water. You will be surprised to discover how quickly the pain goes away! I have tried this little trick many times after a long and hard day at work and I have never been disappointed.

A great tip for new mothers with colicky babies is to heat a little piece of cloth and put it on the child's tummy, pressing it gently. At once, the child will calm down, release any vent up air that was inside and thus, stop crying.

The best part about home remedies is that they cost nothing, are easy to do and have no side effects. Nana was always rigidly against the
use of medicines, artificial sprays and other such nonsense. Even though I also live in this high-tech, where everything can be cloned
and redone, I sometimes wish we were living in simpler times where problems were as easy as their cure.

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