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In the days before prescription drugs people sought a natural arthritis remedy to ease the pain of aching limbs and joints. Arthritis was more commonly known as "rheumatism" years ago and was attributed to living in damp, cold environments, poor blood circulation, dietary imbalances, and toiling at hard physical labor.

The diagnosis was made based on symptoms alone, listed below. Once blood could be analyzed, an excess of uric acid was found in the blood of arthritis sufferers. The term "gouty arthritis" was given to those suffering specifically from inflammation and pain the in big toe, also attributed to excess uric acid in the bloodstream.

In chronic arthritis the joint capsules surrounding the joints deteriorate and the bones become thickened and gnarled. The condition may become exceedingly painful and may incapacitate the patient preventing normal daily activities.

Symptoms of arthritis

According to Dr. Chase's huge medical text the symptoms are:

  • pain and soreness in joints
  • Inflammation and swelling, joints feel "hot"
  • high temperature, feeling feverish
  • perspiration and/or saliva acidic in content
  • scanty, dark urine, which may contain albumen
  • hot joint surfaces and often shiny, reddish skin at joints
  • slightest movement of joint causes pain


One natural plant remedy recommended by Dr. Chase was to be taken internally:

Fluid extract of Poke Root, 1 ounce
Fluid extract of Gelsemium, 1 drachm

Take 20 drops once each morning and evening, in water.

Another natural arthritis remedy was for external application only:

Mix together one ounce of Ammonia Water and one ounce of Tincture of Iodine and rub onto the afflicted joint three times a day.

Cayenne pepper was used in a poultice, which could warm the affected joints but also give a burning sensation. So Dr. Chase came up with a gentler "Liniment for Ladies."

Dr. Chase's "Liniment for Ladies"

Mix together one quart of good alcohol, with the following:

One ounce each, of camphor gum, chloroform, laudanum, sulphuric acid, myrrh, capsicum (cayenne) and oil of red cedar;

Combine the above with one-quarter ounce each, of:

Oil of peppermint, cloves, cajeput, and wormwood. Mix and contain in a stoppered bottle and apply to affected joints as needed.

Although specifically indicated for ladies, this was still a pretty strong blend, but with only a very small portion of it containing cayenne.

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