Poison Ivy

by Laura

I remember as a child suffering with poison ivy. My mother would put Calamine lotion on me and it did absolutely no good. I suffered endlessly until it was gone. I am hoping that “they” make a better poison ivy medication on the store shelves so kids of today won’t suffer like I did.

However, for those out there looking for a home remedy for poison ivy then I have something for you. “Healing herbs” as they are widely referred to all over the Internet is something I have been involved in and have learned a lot over the last several years. I have even made some healing recipes that I have used for myself and my family.

The following poison ivy recipe below is very simple.
2 tablespoons powdered alum root
Stir the powder into some mild until thick curdles appear. Then rub on the poisoned area day and night. For a stronger formula use less milk.
I no longer suffer from poison ivy, probably because I am not as active or run in the woods like I did when I was a kid, but this remedy works great.

Powdered alum root can be found easily on the Internet. I recommend Mountain Rose Herbs (dot) com. It is the source that I trust but there are many out there. Amazon is even getting into the natural health foods and herbs on their site. I check them out often to see what is new at Amazon.

If you or your child suffers from poison ivy and you try this recipe, let me know how it worked for you. I would love to hear your comments.

My child is growing up in the city (opposite of myself) so poison ivy isn’t an issue at least not right now. I do plan to move with a large back yard soon.

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