Old Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

What are hemorrhoids and what is the cause? Is there a useful home remedy for hemorrhoids? There are many listed below, mostly taken from The Combination Receipt Book by Dr. A.W. Chase published in 1915.

Definition of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are small tumors situated around the anus or just within the rectum. The former are external piles, the latter, internal piles.

Both varieties may exist at the same time. In some cases these tumors break and blood is discharged from them. These are bleeding piles. If there is no blood, and the piles remain internal, they are blind piles.

Causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids

The old country doctors believed that hemorrhoids were caused by an imperfection in the anatomical structure of the veins surrounding the rectum.

Everything that irritates the lower bowel, like constipation and any of the causes which tend to produce it, such as straining at stools, will cause an increase of blood and congestion in the area. This results in the formation of piles.

The symptoms are pain, often a burning sensation, and a protrusion of the pile outside the anus.

Usually there is bleeding, which may be slight or very profuse. If internal hemorrhoids are large there may be a constant feeling of needing to evacuate the bowels.

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Home remedy for hemorrhoids from the old-time pharmacy

10 grains of the Sulphocarbonate of Soda in tablet form
orthe same amount of Salol, either in tablet form or powder
Take four times a day.

To insure greater regularity of bowel movement, avoid meats and all heavy foods for supper. It is a well established fact that by eating light suppers difficulties of constipation are more readily overcome."

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids: Local External Applications:

"A. The following ointment will be found of value in many cases of piles:

Vaseline ................. 1 ounce
Nut-Galls, pulverized ....80 grains
Pulverized Opium..........1/2 drachm"

"Put on a plate and mix together thoroughly with a case-knife or something of the kind.
Use after each movement of the bowels.
If the bowel comes down, put it back, carrying it up withthe index finger as far as possible. This will cure simple piles,but in case of fistula or hemorrhoids it will be necessary to have a surgical operation."

B. Tincture of Iodine..... 10 drops
Carbolic Acid ............. 10 drops
Morphine Sulphate.......... 5 grains
Nut Galls, powdered...... 80 grains
Lanoline, enough to make one ounce."

"C. Flour of Sulphur... 2 ounces
Nut-Galls Powdered...............1 ounce
Opium, Powdered............... 1 drachm
Add lard enough to make a paste and mix thoroughly."

D. Tannic Acid........... 15 grains
Borax, powdered ..................10 grains
Carbolic Acid.................... 20 drops
Vaseline...........................2 ounces
Mix and apply to piles two or three times each day. Keep
bowels regular with mild laxatives."

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Another home remedy for hemorrhoids by Dr. Chase:

"Take the inner bark of the white oak tree, boil and strain, and boil again until you obtain 1 pint of the extract, very thick; then add 1/2 pint of oil of the oldest and strongest bacon you can procure; simmer together until a union takes place when cold. Apply by the finger up the rectum every night. Abstain from strong and stimulating diet."

"While the foregoing remedies are recommended as the most satisfactory methods of palliative treatment, a cure cannot be promised by their use. After the sacs have once formed, local treatment is uncertain. In many cases it will relieve, and possibly in some cases effect a cure. The only sure treatment, however, is the injection method or removal with the knife. The latter requires anesthetics and two weeks in bed; the injection method requires neither, and does not interfere with the occupation whatever it may be.

"The injections are made by the use of a hypodermic needle, and the treatment would, therefore, almost necessarilybelong to a physician to perform."

A topical home remedy for hemorrhoids

As a topical treatment of piles, soak some gauze in warm apple cider vinegar and apply directly to the piles for soothing relief.

"Brinkerhoff's Secret Pile Remedy"

Brinkerhoff's Secret Pile Remedy was sold by country doctors who traveled in wagons and held meetings in the center of town, hoping to sell their remedies, potions and patent medicines. Some of these vendors were hucksters looking to make a fast buck, but many of them also made quality medicines available to the public. Dr. Chase thought well enough of Brinkerhoff's brand that he mentioned this recipe in his Favorite Medical Receipts book.

Brinkerhoff's Secret Pile Remedy
Carbolic Acid .......... 1 ounce
Sweet Oil .............. 5 ounces
Chloride of Zinc ....... 8 grains

Mix and inject into the largest pile 8 drops; into the medium sized piles, from 4 to 6 drops; and into the small ones, from 2 to 3 drops; into club-shaped piles near the orifice, 2 drops.

Modern day relief for hemorrhoids

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