Natural Remedy for Eczema

"Any one having eczema must remember that his system is a little 'out of order' - that more thorough elimination is needed, and more attention should be paid to diet."


Dr. Alvin Wood Chase, The Favorite Medical Receipt Book and Home Doctor, 1910

Understanding the cause is key in finding a good natural remedy for eczema. According to Dr. Chase, eczema is "not a skin disease, but like dandruff, is a manifestation of a systemic trouble."

Dr. Chase offers a variety of ways to both control the skin irritation and balance the body to prevent further flare-ups. These remedies called for a sensible diet, keeping the bowels regular, and applications of various ointments and poultices.

In the old days eczema was also called "tetter" or "salt rheum." It begins with an inflammation of the corium, a deeper layer of the skin. Congestion of the blood vessels then causes a redness, and exudate then seeps from the swollen vessels, which when dry can give rise to little dry scales.

There are different types of eczema. Sometimes small papules or pockets form on the skin which fill with pus or fluid. Or the inflammation causes the outer skin to slough off, leaving the inflamed corium directly exposed to the air and very red in appearance. After some time the outer skin will become hardened and blood or fluid may periodically leak from it. There is extreme itching, burning and discomfort. Eczema occurs most frequently on the backs of the hands, arms or face although it may also break out elsewhere on the body.

In Dr. Gunn's Household Physician Dr. Gunn has described several types of eczema:

  • Dry eczema, the most common form
  • Pustulous eczema, which forms pustules on the skin
  • Miliary eczema, which appears around the breast, groin, and around the body
  • Eating or Corroding eczema which appear as painful skin ulcerations which discharge a watery exudate

While the disorder is not serious it is extremely uncomfortable and unsightly for the sufferer.

Natural remedy for eczema

The following is a helpful natural remedy for eczema in cases where pustules have formed on the skin or where there is a fluid exudate:

Salicylic acid .......... 10 grains
Subnitrate of Bismuth .... 1 drachm
Powdered Starch .......... 1 drachm
Vaseline ................. 1 ounce

Mix thoroughly and apply two or three times a day

Laxative Remedies
Keep regular bowel movements by taking 10 grains
of Salol three times a day, or take Magnesia or Castor Oil.

Skin Wash Natural Remedy for Eczema
"Wash diseased area with a solution of one or two table-
spoonfuls of Bicarbonate of Soda in one-half to one full
wash bowl full of tepid water. Dry gently with a soft
piece or lint or linen and apply Carbonated Vaseline - 5
drops of Carbolic Acid to 1 ounce of pure Vaseline - or
better still, apply "Resinol" by gentle friction, and
put on a piece of linen bandage.
"In addition to the above local treatment, give, for an
adult, 1 tablespoonful of McDade's Succus Alterans (a
homeopathic remedy)in a wineglassful of water three times

Dr. Chase's Natural Remedy for Eczema
"Do not use any soap, and as little water as is consistent
with cleanliness. Diet should be light and unstimulating;
the bowels in all cases should be made to move regularly
once a day. Soothing ointments or lotions should be used
as Boric Acid ointment, or Zinc Oxide ointment, or the
Lead and Opium wash. For chronic eczema two parts of
Green Soap to one part of Alcohol thoroughly rubbed in
and then washed off will be found useful; afterwards
apply ointment of Zinc Oxide. Two drops of Fowler's
solution of Arsenic may be given after meals."

More Natural Recipes from Dr. Chase
"All soaps and alkalis, and lead preparations, should be
avoided. Wash the hands only in warm water, to which may
be added some oatmeal or cornmeal, or a little oxalic acid
or vinegar. The following prescription is an excellent
external application:

"Stramonium ointment ..... 1 ounce
Carbolic acid .......... 10 grains

"Mix thoroughly together. First wash the part affected with
warm water and oatmeal and cornmeal, then dry thoroughly
and apply the ointment, bandage and let remain all night."

"Make a wash of warm water and oatmeal, cleanse the part
with it, and dry with a soft cloth; bathe with tincture of
iodine, let it dry, and apply carbolic acid mixed with sweet
cream, about 5 drops of the acid to a teaspoonful of cream."

"Take beef marrow, sulphur, black pepper, white turpentine,
equal parts; mix, make an ointment, and apply, cleansing
as otherwise directed."

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