Sciatica Home Treatment


Sciatica home treatment was very common in the old days and there are many folk recipes for compresses, liniments, and rubs.

Symptoms of sciatica are pain running down the leg from hip to foot, well described by Dr. Chase: ".. the pain follows the sciatic nerve, shooting along the back of the hip, into the inner side of the thigh and down into the calf of the leg, ankle and heel. The foot loses the sense of touch, movement of the limb is accomplished with pain and difficulty, and, if the neuralgia is of long duration, a wasting of the limb takes place."

The old time doctors attributed sciatic pain to irritation, congestion or inflammation of the sciatic nerve due to circulatory problems or mechanical strain. Dr. Chase explained that "this nerve is the largest nerve in the body. It is a continuation of nerve fibers having their origin in the lower part of the spinal cord. At its greatest width it measures 3/4 of an inch, and is said to be capable of sustaining a weight of 175 to 200 pounds. Its great size and length is the reason why affections of this nerve are so painful and persistent."

This simple remedy was recommended to Dr. Chase by Dr. Ebrard, of Nimes, France and Dr. Chase found it extremely successful in relieving sciatic pain.

Simple Home Remedy for Sciatica

Soak a flannel or woollen fabric in vinegar. Apply it to the leg as a wet compress, then apply a hot flat iron to it and "iron" with care not to burn the skin. Use two or three times a day until relief is obtained.

Liniment Recipe for Sciatica

Fluid extract aconite root ...... 12 ounces
Oil of hemlock ..................... 3 ounces
Sulphate of zinc ................... 1 ounce
Strong alcohol ..................... 1 quart
Soft or distilled water ............ 1 quart

Add the alcohol, oil of hemlock, and extract oif aconite root to a 3-quart or larger bottle. Dissolve the sulphate of zinc in water and add to the bottle mixture. Shake well. Apply two or three times daily to affected area. Always shake well before using. Do not drink, or get mixture into the eyes!

Sciatica Home Treatment

Dissolve two teaspoons of cayenne pepper into one teacup of good vinegar. Apply directly to affected area, or by means of a warm compress.

Natural Remedies for Sciatica

Apply all forms of artificial heat for relief of pain, including mustard plasters.

Simple Home Remedy for Sciatica

Linseed oil .............. 8 ounces
Spirits of turpentine ....... 8 ounces
Tincture of iodine .......... 4 ounces
Ammonia water ............... 4 ounces

Mix, shake well and apply freely as needed.

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