Natural Remedies for Diabetes

Among the natural remedies for diabetes are mainly modification of the diet, and bathing.

There are two varieties of this disease, Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus.

These articles are for informational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of medical advice. If you have a medical condition please consult your physician.

Dr. Chase's comments on diabetes mellitus

"This is a disorder of nutrition in which fruit sugar accumulates in the blood and later is carried from the body with the urine, which is greatly increased.

"The disease is preceded by some disordered state of the nervous system. Undoubtedly the first cause is indigestion and constipation. Both are present.

"The return circulation from the digestive tract passes through the liver, the latter becomes unhealthy and unable to convert the glucose into glycogen, in which case more glucose is left in the circulation than the system can oxidize. Passing through the circulation, the glucose irritates and weakens the kidneys until some of it finds its way into the secreting tubes and is carried off with the urine.

"Primarily this is called Diabetes; later it causes Bright's Disease.

"The onset of this disease is nearly always stealthy, and is unnoticed by the patient. The first thing noticed in many cases is excessive thirst or a large increase in the amount of urine, or it may be unusual weakness. The urine is pale in color, very acid, the specific gravity is increased, and sugar is constantly present. At times the appetite is voracious, and at the same time there is a loss of flesh.

"The normal amount of urine daily is about fifty ounces, or three pints. In this disease the amount varies from six or eight pints in mild cases to thirty or forty pints in severe ones. The tongue is usually dry, red and glazed. The skin is dry and harsh."

Note: Diabetes is a very serious illness. This information is for historical interest only and is not intended to take the place of medical advice. These remedies have not been tested and experimenting with them is not recommended. If you are diabetic please be under the supervision of a physician.

Old home remedies and formulas for diabetes mellitus

Dietary Recommendations

"What to Do.-Keep the patient on a strict diet. Avoid all starchy foods, and also those that contain sugar.

"Drink as small a quantity of fluids of all kinds as possible. A cold, weak infusion of common tea is the most harmless, and at the same time quite as efficient in quenching thirst as any drink that can be taken. Patients may be allowed to take a swallow of this every hour or two.


"Attention to the skin is also a matter of importance. Frequent bathing is desirable. The warm alkaline andspirituous bath may be used before going to bed, and the cold sponge bath in the morning before dressing. Both should be followed with a brisk friction, especially on the spine. To prevent irritation apply Sweet Oil.

Formulas: natural remedies for diabetes

"A compound Taraxacum and Podophyllin pill should be given every night and morning, or in such quantity as will at least secure one evacuation from the bowels every day. Other valuable remedies are:

"The well-known Aloin, Strychnine and Belladonna in combination in pill form; or the Fluid Extract of Cascara Sagrada in 10-drop doses morning and night, more or less as needed.

"As a tonic, a decoction of Ptelea and Wild Cherry may be given in wineglassful doses three times a day.

"Milk diet. Avoid sugar or starchy foods. Basham’s Mixture in teaspoonful doses 3 or 4 times a day.

"Abstain from sugars and starch and reduce mental work and worry. Avoid sugars and starches in diet. Diet alone will sometimes cure, but must be continued for a long time.

Case histories using natural remedies for diabetes

Dr. King makes the following report:

"I have treated four cases of Diabetes Mellitus
successfully by the internal administration of Nitrate
of Ammonia in doses of from 10 to 20 grains repeated three
times a day and given in solution. In conjunction with this
agent I also employed the following pills, alternating them
every four weeks:

Formula No. 1:
Citrate of Iron and Strychnine ..... 45 grains
Quinine Sulphate ................... 45 grains
Opium .............................. 60 grains

Mix, divide into 90 pills, and give one pill three or four
times a day.

Formula No. 2:
Bromide Potassium.......... 270 grains
Extract Conium Maculatum......90 grains
Extract Aletria ..............90 grains

Mix, divide into 90 pills and give same
as above, giving No. 1 for four weeks and then
giving No. 2 for the next four weeks, and so on. "

"Rennet wine was prescribed to be taken after the break-
fast and dinner meals, and the usual attention
bestowed upon the skin, kidneys, bowels, diet, etc."

Carbonate of Ammonia.... 90 grains
Phosphate of Ammonia.... 90 grains
Carbonate of Soda........ 2 drachms
Tincture of Ginger...... 1/2 ounce
Glycerine .............. 1-1/2 ounce
Simple e1ixir enough to make.. 4 ounces

Dose: a teaspoonful in water three times a day.
"This mixture is very grateful to the patient. It relieves thirst and mitigates the morbid appetite. The tongue gradually becomes moist, and the urine diminishes in quantity and contains less sugar."

Diabetes insipidus

"This disease usually comes on slowly. Increased secretion of urine and great thirst are the chief symptoms. The amount of urine may be from twenty to forty pints a day and even more. It is extremely pale and watery and of low specific gravity. The low specific gravity and absence of sugar in the urine will distinguish this disease from "Diabetes Mellitus.”

"In many instances Diabetes insipidus does not interfere with the general health, the greatest inconvenience being frequent passing of water and constant thirst. If the primary cause of this trouble is some organic disease, the health may be much impaired. Where there is no other disease the patient may have good health indefinitely, or nature may restore him to normal health."

Natural home remedies for diabetes insipidus

"The treatment is the same as that for Diabetes Mellitus.True, sugar may not be present, but the danger is that this form will run into Diabetes Mellitus proper; hence the advisability of following the treatments outlined above."

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