Natural Remedies for Gout

The Favorite Medical Receipts Book provides some natural remedies for gout as well as preventive measures one can take to avoid flare-ups. The emphasis is on moderation in diet for prevention, and some natural herbal remedies for treatment, like black cohosh, snake root or gentian root.

"GOUT. - This is a disease that exceeds rheumatism
in the severity of the pain occasioned, but instead of
affecting the large joints, it is confined usually to the
smaller ones. The first joint of the great toe is most
frequently affected."


Causes and symptoms of gout

"Cause. - The tendency to gout is generally
inherited but is usually caused directly by high living or
over-indulgence in wine and malt liquors. Where the disease
has been acquired by such indulgences it does not make its
appearance until after about thirty-five years of age; if
inherited it may come on early in life. Men more than women
are subject to it.

"Symptoms. - An acute attack may be preceded for
several days by a derangement of the digestive organs,
especially a sour stomach, but the gouty pain comes on
suddenly usually soon after midnight.

"The pain is wrenchingly severe, and the part
hot, swollen and sensitive to the touch. The whole limb
(if it is the toe joint that ls attacked) is affected with
swelling and painful muscular contractions, and the veins
are congested. The patient has a chill at the beginning of
the paroxysm, followed with fever. There is an entire or
partial remission of the symptoms about daylight, but they
come on again at night, decreasing in severity, however,
until after a few days the patient becomes convalescent.
After recovery he is in better general health than before
the attack.

"A second attack may not occur for three or four years, or
may occur in one year. After the first attack it is prone to
return, but of course much depends upon the manner of
living. The time between the second and third attack is
less than between the first and second, in fact, the time
between each succeeding attack lessens.

"The characteristic of this disease is a deposit about
the affected joints of a chalky substance which increases
with each attack until the joints present a knobby and
deformed appearance."

Prevention and herbal home remedies for gout

"The patient should restrict himself in the matter of
diet. As a remedy, there is nothing better than Winter-
green. If the wintergreens can be obtained, boil them up,
make a strong tea, and drink freely.

"If not, take the Oil of Wintergreen, a few times on loaf
sugar, three times a day. Or take a tea made of Virginia
snake root and Wintergreen, equal parts.

"The great value of Wintergreen Oil is found in the fact
that it contains a large percentage of Salicylic Acid, and
this acid is one of the most valuable remedies in all forms
of gout or rheumatism."

[Find out more information about Wintergreen Essential Oil from this informative website Essential Aromatherapy Oils].

"Another excellent remedy is Black Cohosh, taken either
in decoction or tincture.

Herbal Remedies for Gout
Partridge Berry (Mitchella repens)
“squaw vine, checkerberry, one-berry, or winter clover”
Use both herb and berries for tonic purposes

Cedron Seed (Simaruba cedron)
1 to 8 drops of fluid extract

"Gentian (blue) (Gentiana catesbei), Samson snake root,
flux root tonic for stomach and general debility
Infuse roots and tops with Chamomile flowers, add brandy,
take a tablespoon for gout and to aid digestion."

Dr. Gunn's Natural Remedies for Gout
To relieve an attack of gout, bathe the affected toe in cold water several times during the day. Also bathe in warm water into which you have dissolved Lye or Saleratus, or salt.

Use an active cathartic, such as 2 grains of Calomel or a dose of Podophyllin, 3 grains, with Cream of Tartar, or any other good Physic.
Procure 2 grains of of Wine of Colchicum and Liquor Potassa from a drug store, mix, and take 1 teaspoonful 3 or 4 times a day. Or the Tincture of Black Cohosh and Wine or Tincture of Colchicum, euql parts, may be used in the same way, adding 1 drachm of Iodide of Potassa to 4 ounces of the liquid.

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